• This Brand Battery VARTA is the only recommended one with the battery level indicator to let you is it is going low. If you do not use this battery the tracker will just run out of power with no warning. Moni Moto Tracker Batteries Requires 2 Technical specifications: VARTA type: 6205 Int. Frame size: CR123A Capacity: 1550 mAH Voltage: 3.0V   Electrochemical system: lithium Diameter: 17.0 mm Height :: 34.5 mm Weight: 17.0 g
  • CR 2450 Battery for the Moni Moto Fob Requires 1 Technical specifications: Type: 6450 / CR 2450 Int. Frame size: CR2450 Capacity: 560 mAH Voltage: 3V   System: Primary lithium button cell (Li / MnO2) Diameter: 24.5 mm Height :: 5 mm Weight: 6.2 g


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